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The way to losing weight is not about exercise and diet, it’s about changing your mind in the present moment and making the choice your body is dictating to you. The connection of mind, body and spirit is the first step towards weight loss, and even other addictions.

weightgainSome people believe they have to run miles every day to maintain ultimate health, or must lift weights daily or do push-ups. All these exercises have to be done in a certain amount of time, pedometers and stopwatches are turned on, as they have to pound the pavement to gain euphoria and “results”. These who follow the “rules” of exercise get results because of their dedication, but others who begin most exercise programs   develop injuries or blisters and other maladies that turn them off from exercise all together.

To a person who is overweight or never likes exercise, to get out there and follow a program is torturous. It’s not fun, it’s a chore. But it doesn’t have to be that way, all you need is to plug in to the spiritual outlet, through meditative exercise. It can begin with slow strolls, and yoga. And yes, overweight people can do yoga. Hatha yoga which concentrates on breathing and meditation is the best yoga practice to start when you want to get started.

There are dozens of enlightened teachers and self help gurus who can help in awakening that “connection” in helping you learn HOW to change your mind to gain overall great health and wellbeing. These teachers and philosophers from Ram Dass to Eckhart Tolle, have been phenomenal in the spiritual awakening of millions of people, but none have really expanded on the problem of obesity and how to get out of a chained existence, but with persistence, one can use the principals that spiritual teacher’s line out for us and become free of the obesity cycle.

Preconceived notions of diet and exercise have to be changed.  A change of mind of how we see food and exercise has to happen. The first change of thought has to be that we will not lose weight overnight, there is no magic cure, it may have taken you 10 years to gain 10 pounds, and it could take you one year to lose it. Losing weight is not a race, but a slow change of mind and lifestyle.   We must get ourselves out of the brainwashing and fear to lose weight.Placeholder Image

There are many reasons why a person may not be able to stick to an exercise or diet program. There are mainly two reasons. Brainwashing and fear.  The brainwashing is happening constantly. Food is on every channel in almost 80 percent of commercials. Alcoholic beverages and the images of “parties” that go with it are no help in our society of obese individuals.  When we are driving into town, billboards of McDonalds are all over the place. This generation grew up with Twix (sugar) and MickeyD fat.  So an overweight person knows they’ve been brainwashed and just don’t know how to get out of it.

Fear is why so many people cannot stick to their diets. Fear of changing a lifestyle habit is what subconsciously chains so many to stay trapped in a fat body.  The fear of failure is one of the biggest factors in taking on a diet. So many have tried and failed, so many have lost and gained the weight back and we hear about it all the time, every day. No one likes feeling like a failure every other month, so instead they keep sitting on the couch and eating bags of chips.

  1. Prayer and meditationCloseup portrait of a young woman praying

The secret to weight loss is rarely explained, but it’s very simple. It’s called meditation. Yes that’s right. You read right, meditation. Now how do you do that?  Meditation is an act of aligning yourself to God, to the spirit, to that powerful source within you that makes you alive. That is meditation. Prayer is talking to God, and meditation is listening to God.  It’s not hard and a person can do it in many ways. You can meditate while you crochet, or while painting your house. Because in those “acts” you are in the present moment, your mind may wonder, but when you do it long enough your mind becomes blank, and that is when you are connecting to the stillness.  In the Bible it says” Be still and know I am God (Psalm 46:10). Being in stillness is meditation. This helps develop mindfulness.

When it comes to prayer you only have to say two things: “Please” when you wake up, and “thank you” when you go to bed. The universe/God already knows what you want so take the time to “listen” by meditating rather than praying meaningless words and chants.

  1. Mindfulnessmeditation

When you get in tuned with your divine self through meditation it becomes easier and easier to make the right choices when it comes to food. Instead of eating mindlessly, you start to see that hamburger and fries differently. You are paying attention to what you are eating. You may choose then to order and hamburger and salad instead of fries. Meditation puts you in the present moment, so you can be “mindful” of your choices and choose wisely.

  1. Gratitude

I had a friend once who lost 40 pounds by praying over her food and giving thanks for everything she put in her mouth. She would then eat slowly tasting every bite. She came to realize when eating slow, that the junk food she liked so much didn’t taste as good as she thought, so she’d try other foods and be grateful she could get it. Gratitude is key to obtaining anything you want in this world and the next. A yoga teacher I had once would drive it home after every session, she would say, “now thank your mind and your body for being able to do this practice.”Happy in the grass

If you can’t walk a mile–walk a block and thank your body that could do that, some people are not able to walk at all! If all you do is one “touch your toes” and one “push up” thank your body for that!  If you eat chocolate cake give thanks for that and don’t beat yourself up for eating it. Keep on a gratitude track with your eating and exercise regimen. If nothing else works this does.

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